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Hello, old friend

It's been awhile since anyone has disturbed Tunare's lands.  She has been free to rule uninterrupted for far too long.  Awakened put an end to that with an impressive kill on Saturday.  Congrats Evocar on her pointy dagger and congrats Argul of <Mobwai> on a fancy new Braid of Golden Hair.



We're back...

After a short break, we are back in action.  Bagging Dozekar, Jorlleag, and Vulak all within about 2 hours of being back seemed like child's play.  Our competition?  Well, let's just say our competition was the mobs we handled effortlessly.


Eratani Runningwolf's First Week

With Eratani accepting his new Co-Leader role, the P99 gods felt it was a good time to test his skills.  Giving us an earthquake during prime time on a Saturday night was the best way to see what he is made of.  Though he wound up late to the raid, he put in some real work.  Probably one of the best repops in Awakened history.  18 of 19 Temple of Veeshan mobs, Yelinak, Avatar of War, Zlandicar, Sleeper's Tomb, and Phara Dar to boot.  It's true, there were a couple mobs we did not snag in our carnage across Norrath...



August Fun

We held another guild event on Sunday, and decided to have a Newbie Free For All in West Freeport Arena.

We also had a really fun iksar race to City of Mist.


And met up for a group shot at the end.



The iced tundra

With the change to Lord Yelinak's loot table, he has become a juicy target lately.