Guild Communications

Important guild communications are posted on the Awakened Forums. It is the responsibility of members to periodically check the forums for important news and updates.



<Awakened> has a great reputation on the server due to the efforts of its members who conduct themselves with honor and maturity. We do not tolerate individuals who bring discredit to the guild through bad behavior.


1. Show respect and honor to fellow guild members as well as non-guild members. Disrespect will not be tolerated, especially to fellow guild members.
2. Participate in guild events and meetings whenever possible.
3. Try to group with other guild members as often as possible, as this will bring us closer together.
4. Dishonesty and/or greed will not be tolerated. People are more important than items in ALL cases; if you do not believe this, Awakened is not the guild for you.
6. If you have any problems, please bring it to the attention of the officers and guild leader so the problem can be fixed. The problem will be fixed!
7. Keep profanity/vulgarity to a minimum. Remember we have younger people listening and some people find it offensive.


Rules that MUST be followed

1. If you are online at the time of a scheduled raid, you are encouraged to attend the raid. Recruits are expected to attend all raids while they are online. This allows the guild members to assess the recruit and for the recruit to learn about the guild.
2. No KSing, ninja looting, intentional training, etc.
3. No engaging in arguements in /shout or /ooc. If you have a dispute with someone, keep it in /tells.
4. Avoid posting in the Rants, Flames, and NSFW on the Project 1999 forum as it pertains to Ranting and Flaming. If you must post there, do not attack other players or guilds or contribute to flame wars and trolls against other people. It reflects poorly upon the guild (and can result in your removal from the guild).
5. Do not use /anon (ever) as it hides you from the guild listing (/who guild all). Use /role instead.  Wear your tag proudly.  If you feel you need to hide it, you a probably breaking one of these rules.  Stop doing that.
6. Do not use /roleplay on raids.
7. No begging guildies for loot, PLing, or anything else.
8. All disputes should be resolved with the person or the person's guild leadership if at all possible. If this is not possible, contact the Awakened leadership to try to reach a solution.
9. If you share your characters with someone not in Awakened, they must be made aware of and agree with all policies. While on a guilded character, all policies must be followed and the person playing the character must not do anything dishonorable or disruptive. The owner of the account will be held responsible for all actions of one of his characters regardless of who is playing it, including warnings and/or being kicked from the guild if the offense is serious enough.
10. Members and Recruits are not allowed to have characters in other guilds. Failure to comply with this will result in guild removal.

Recruiting Policy

In order to Join Awakened on Project 1999, you must:


1. Agree to The Awakened Code of Honor and Policies.
2. Be level 55 with the main character you wish to join.
3. Complete the Awakened Application Form (must register on forums to apply)
4. Group and interact with members. Feel free to use tells in game or the groups/raids forums on our site to join raids or groups with guildies. You can get a guild listing using /who all Awakened or /who all guild
5. The typical trial period lasts three weeks. In rare circumstances an applicants status may get voted upon earlier (exceptionally good or bad behavior).
6. Before being invited as a recruit you must show proof of: 
7. If you have questions about the status of your application, ask an officer or senior member in game or PM one of them. Officers are listed on our roster.
8. Recruits may have alts tagged in guild however they may not bid on items for those alts.

Membership Procedures

1. Members should try to group with applicants when asked, and evaluate them. If you have a recommendation, whether positive or negative, post it on the applicant's thread ASAP! If you have particular interest in an applicant, try to get them into guild groups and ask guild members to evaluate them.
2. Applicant threads appear in the Recruitment forum once the applicant has completed the application form. Prior to being made a full member, the thread will be moved to an archive so he/she cannot see what was said about him/her.
3. Family members of guild members and real life friends of guild members who have been a full member for at least three months will be accepted to the guild at any level. Both family members and real life friends must still complete an application for guild membership.

Character Updates

1. Please keep your characters updated on the character updates forum. If you have a post already up there, please edit it each time you gain a level before the roster is updated and the posts in that forum are cleared.
2. If your post is left up after the roster is updated, that means the person updating the roster has a question for you!
3. If you would like an alt invited, please post the character information on the char updates forum and then see an officer in game for an invite. It is your responsibility to contact an officer when he/she is not busy for an invite, not the officer's responsibility to hunt your alt down!