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Trampling through Velious

Had a great time with our new friends in <Rampage>.  So many guild firsts, solo and allied.  Grats Choochu on the guild first Phara Dar robe...  Grats Gorruk and Halliel on guild first and second Sleeper's Keys!  Here is just a glimpse of some mobs we have been slapping a Tramp Stamp on.


Has your mob been <Taken> lately?

Coming off a busy week last week didn't seem to slow us down.  Last two Statues and their respective Avatars were downed.  Plus another Cazic, a pair of Trakanons, Dain, Phara Dar, King Tormax.. and it is only Monday!



Too many to name

What a busy week/end.  Trakanon x2, Severilous, Cazic Thule, Xygoz, Phara Dar, Hoshkar, Druushk, Nexona, Draco, King Tormax, Innoruuk, and some others!  And that's just from Friday - Monday.


Keepin Busy

Was a busy holiday weekend for Taken.  All 3 City Leader Heads were <Taken> in a weeks time.  Throw in the last two Avatar of War's, an Innoruuk, some Veeshan's Peak, and an all around good time!



Another Avatar, Another Victory

Great job Taken and pals.  Special thanks to Sweeni for the fastest CotH in France, but then again, it's France...  Anyway, pictures!


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