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...nothing to fear, but Fear(stalker) himself?

Back in Plane of Fear, with the new fearless leaders taking names, numbers, and lewts!


More and more people becoming active again.


If you want to join the fun we are recruiting.

Level 35+ click the recruitment tab at the top or contact Aata for more details.


New Adventures in Old Sebilis

A great night was had in Old Sebilis. First visit was to the Bar / Chef and we closed out the buffet.


Then we hit NG and grabbed us some nifty loot Including Zahib's new Lamentation


Gratz to those who leveled up during last night's fun! Zahib(48), Wrenn(51) and Smilkers(60)


Alive and Kicking

Taken has New faces, new friends, and most importantly, We're still Kickin'!


Went up to Hate to Check out the recent LoS Changes.

Congrats Logani (Amphion's Cleric) on his New Ethereal Mist Breastplate!


Are you 35 or higher? Want to Join the fun? See the recruitment tab at the top or talk to Aata for more details!


Keeping Kedge

We hit Kedge Keep to take down Phinigel Autropos and some of his minions. Got us a staff  for a Mage epic and some handy items.



Hole Lotta Fun

Business as usual, as Taken ventures into the Hole and wreaks havok on Dartain the Lost.

Congrats Faldorf on Level 50.

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