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Counting Crows...

Great job this weekend, <Awakened>.  We netted ourselves a bundle of mobs!  Dagarn the Destroyer, Zlexak, Lord Kreizenn, Gozzrem, Lady Mirenilla, Xygoz, Nexona, Lord Feshlak, Dozekar the Cursed, Jorlleag, Druushk, Lady Nevederia, Cazic Thule, Ikatiar the Venom, Eashen of the Sky, and a very exhilarating Lord Vyemm.  Outside of the weekly spawns, we grabbed a Dain Frostreaver IV, a Statue of Rallos Zek, and another 10th Ring War win!  Grats guys!!! 


We have been very busy these last few weeks, getting our toons together, practicing, and really showing what we can do.  What a great example of what can be done when you practice and work as one cohesive unit.  Expect more updates to come!


Yelinak, Avatar, Cazic, KT, Doze among the bigs!

With the week coming to a close, we have racked up 19 raid target kills plus 4 Fear Golems, 2 Derakors (wtf, Eratani slacking?), and 2 10th Ring War wins!
9 out of 18 inside Temple of Veeshan!
Outside of ToV, we lost our first Statue since.. BDA killed it on the simulated repop.  But we kept perfect on Avatar!  Another great Cazic Thule, King Tormax, Yelinak, Dain..
Some amazing loot was won.
Grats Mily - Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV
Grats Mamael - Brain of Cazic Thule
Grats Sivaeb - Robe of Inspiration
Grats Cleratani - Sleeper's Key
Grats Gorruk - Ruby Tear
And many other items.

How does one keep up with everything going on!!

Two weeks since the last update... Killing raid mobs is serious business.  I will keep the pictures light this time because, let's be honest, I don't want to upload 50 images!  Sorry if words are not as fun as photos... So, what has <Taken> done in the last two weeks, you ask?  Well here is the play by play..

We killed Jorlleag, Lord Koi, Klandicar, Sevalak, Statue, AoW, Vyemm, and Draco.  Then the real fun began...

Server First 10th Ring War completed, with a Dain tacked on.  Followed up the next day with the Simulated Repop..  After attempting to solo kill King Tormax only to find the Forsaken/Asgard hoarde waiting, we decided to rush to Yelinak.  It was a great option, and here is what <Taken> netted:  Yelinak, Dain, Cazic Thule, Phara Dar, Hoshkar, Xygoz, and Innoruuk.  Wowowow..  All that done by ourselves, and a few Rampage looking for faction hits.  While doing these, we also teamed up with our Rampage pals in ToV netting us a lot more!  Aary, Lord Feshlak, Kreizenn, Mirenilla, and Nev.  What a haul!!

But wait, there's more!!  Went 5/6 in VP.  Fissts snagged a PD Robe and Crown..  Decided to knock out a Lord Nagafen..

Followed up by another Draco and Velk kill to end the year off!  But wait, there's more!

Started the New Year off right, with a Statue and Avatar kill and two more 10th Ring War wins, with a Dain thrown in.


Trampling through Velious

Had a great time with our new friends in <Rampage>.  So many guild firsts, solo and allied.  Grats Choochu on the guild first Phara Dar robe...  Grats Gorruk and Halliel on guild first and second Sleeper's Keys!  Here is just a glimpse of some mobs we have been slapping a Tramp Stamp on.


Has your mob been <Taken> lately?

Coming off a busy week last week didn't seem to slow us down.  Last two Statues and their respective Avatars were downed.  Plus another Cazic, a pair of Trakanons, Dain, Phara Dar, King Tormax.. and it is only Monday!


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