A semi-hardcore raiding guild of Project 1999.

Big changes have been going on here at <Awakened>. The premiere raiding guild on Project 1999, and I’d like to take a moment to explain how YOU can join our excellent community.

There has been a stigma that <Awakened> is too much of a commitment for your average player, but that could not be further from the truth. Awakened is a casual friendly guild in that once you become a full member there are NO raiding requirements. No tracking requirements. Nothing. What we do require is that your 30 day raid attendance is over 15% to bid on top tier (Vulak/Doze) loot. Basically this just means someone can’t just log in for the first time in months and outbid you for one of the best items in the game.. but they probably can next week :-)

That said, we’re here to play the game at a high level. Just because you don’t HAVE to get involved doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Raiding is what we’re about and we want you to come raid with us.
So what does it take to join? Well those are the changes I’m here to tell you about.



• Level 50+ doesn't meet all the requirements for membership or has not been in the guild long enough (2 weeks) or attended enough raids (20) to be voted on.
• Level 55 recruits are eligible to attend raids, earn DKP, and bid on limited loot.
That’s it! Any level 50+ can join Awakened as a recruit. During your recruitment period if you are not level 60 you are encouraged to level instead of raid.

MEMBER STATUS (Member Recruit)

• Meets all raid ready requirements (gear, clickies, has been taught how to track)
• Level 55-59
• Access to the majority of loot in the game
• Cannot bid on Main Tier Loot (Only Lvl 60 Full Members can bid on Main Tier loot)
• Minimum 2 weeks in guild
• 20 raids attended
• Has passed a guild wide membership vote with a 75% Yes vote


• Same as Member Status but level 60
• Access to all loot

If you’re interested in applying please put in an application on our web forums.

1) Go to the "Awakened Forums" link on the top banner.
2) Create an account at the Awakened Forums (You MUST create a username equivalent to your intended main character)
2a) Agree to terms (check box)
3) Check your email. Click the link sent via email to complete your registration. This will take you back to the Awakened Forums website.
4) Visit the Recruitment Forum and fill in the application listed.
5) Once we have received your application and reviewed it, we will attempt to contact on the forums through Personal Message. If you do not hear from an officer in a timely manner after applying, please send a tell to a Awakened member and ask them to put you in contact with an officer.
6) You will be tagged in game and asked to set up an in-game interview (usually in Teamspeak) in order to get everything set up correctly (Forum access, batphone access, Teamspeak installation etc.) and answer any questions you may have.