<Awakened> is a semi-hardcore raiding guild of Project 1999.


  • We have a friendly, social environment of mature players creating an 'in-game family' atmosphere.
  • We are seeking like-minded individuals Level 60 who are drama-free, motivated and mostly looking to have a good-time whilst experiencing high-end content.
  • Raid targets are dependent on who's online, and what is needed most by members.
  • A recruitment officer will contact you for an informal interview after your application has been received. Please also feel free to ask to speak with an officer in game.
  • The recruitment period is at least three weeks. After this time, your application is voted upon. In some circumstances, a vote may be called for exceptional recruits (good or bad).
  • To become a recruit, you must possess: Reaper, WC Cap, Midnight Mallet, 2 Wort Potions, OT Hammer, 1 Greater Null Potion, Ability to Shrink (Pot or spell), Ability to Levitate, 2 Invis Rings, Instant Click Buff Item (Usable Indoors and Out), and atleast 150 Magic Resistance on your Main Character.
  • As an applicant, we hope you take the time to get to know our members, to use the guild website for information and communicating to the guild and to familiarise yourself with guild policies. 
  • Come and enjoy grouping, raiding, epic success, and destruction of dragons, all in the name of fun.


1) Create an account at the Awakened Forums Site (You MUST create a username equivalent to your intended main character)

1a) Agree to terms (check box)

2) Check your email. Click the link sent via email to complete your registration. This will take you back to the Awakened Forums website.

3) Visit the Recruitment Forum and fill in the application listed.

4) Once we have received your application and reviewed it, we will attempt to contact on the forums through Personal Message. If you do not hear from an officer within 5-7 days of applying, please send a tell to a Awakened member and ask them to put you in contact with an officer. (Feel free to reach out to an officer sooner if you wish).

5) After an in-game interview (and/or on TeamSpeak) has been completed, you will be tagged in the game and be granted access to the forums as an 'Awakened Recruit'. This can take a day to complete.

5) Access the Awakened Forums via the link on the guild web site to keep up with guild events and to introduce yourself on the internal forums.